Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "GAC") is integrally converted into a joint stock company from the former limited liability company on June 28th, 2005. It was initiated by Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd., Wanxiang Group Corporation, China National Machinery Industry Corporation, Guangzhou Iron & Steel Enterprises Group and Guangzhou Chime-Long Hotel Co., Ltd. GAC's equity participation is as below: Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd. holds 3,217,403,529 shares, which account for 91.9346% of the total shareholding equity, Wanxiang Group Corporation holds 139,636,656 shares, which account for 3.99%, China National Machinery Industry Corporation holds 129,169,156 shares, which account for 3.6909%, Guangzhou Iron & Steel Enterprises Group holds 6,999,331 shares, which account for 0.2%, Guangzhou Chime-Long Hotel Co., Ltd. holds 6,456,883 shares, which account for 0.1845%. Among them, Wanxiang Group Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of automobile parts and components in China, China National Machinery Industry Corporation has an advantage in machinery manufacture,Guangzhou Iron & Steel Enterprises Group is closely linked with automobile industry and has a regional advantage, Guangzhou Chime-Long Hotel Co., Ltd. is a private-owned enterprise with favorable operation mechanism and good market reputation.

GAC's main businesses cover the whole design and manufacturing of vehicle and parts, which facing the domestic and foreign markets, sales of automobiles, auto logistics, auto finance, auto insurance and the related services, making GAC an auto company with the independent and integrated valve chain of manufacturing, supply, sales and R&D system. Currently GAC has invested in tens of renowned subsidiaries including Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., Honda Motor (China) Co., Ltd., GAC Research Development and Production Base, Guangzhou Denway Bus Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yangcheng Automobile Co., Ltd., Guangqi Hino Motor Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Automobile Group Component Co., Ltd., Guangqi Toyota Engine Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Automobile Group Business Co., Guangzhou Guang Ai Insurance Brokers Ltd., Tong Fang Global (Tianjin) Logistic Co., Ltd., China Lounge Investment Ltd., and GAC Automotive Engineering Institute and manufactures several series of products such as multiple models and brands of passenger vehicles , commercial vehicles, auto engines and main automobile parts.




Beginning from Guangzhou, China, the origin of ancient maritime Silk Road, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (GAC Group) comes thousands of miles to the American Continent for participating the 2013 North American International Auto Show (2013 NAIAS) in Detroit Cobo Hall, Michigan, U S A between 14th and 27th January 2013.

As one of the largest automakers in China as well as the only Chinese exhibitor of 2013 NAIAS, GAC Group brings its newly developed vehicles to the Show, including hybrid 4WD sedan Trumpchi, electric SUV Trumpchi GS5 and range-extended EV E-jet. These masterpieces are all energy-saving and new energy vehicles, representing the company’s consistent philosophy of “Making Fine Cars” and “Detailing—Greatness”, as well as its favorable attitude towards vehicle electrifications, which make GAC Group differ from the previous Chinese exhibitors.

GAC’s booth is designed with the theme of tensioning curves and surfaces, the design elements of “oriental emerald bamboos” and “Yin Yang Tai Ji” are interpreted in a modern stylish way, which will bring the unique experience of “Green Tech, Pleasant Life” to the spectators.You are sincerely invited to be present at GAC Group’s booth (OAK-CON GAC) for further information!




Admiration to Our Show Cars Never Stops

January 21st, 2013, the third public day for North American International Auto Show, and it is also a public holiday across the United States “Martin Luther King Day”. Huge number of audience come to GAC Group’s booth including our litter engineers in the future. Three of GAC Group’s show cars win attention from the audience. Specialists are busy introducing information to the kids who come to the Show by taking the advantage of the public holiday. The more information audience received, the more admiration is given to the show cars. Audience loves E-jet! “It is a shock the first eye I saw it!” “That is the one I want!” Besides E-jet, the BEV GS5 and 4WD Hybrid also catch the eyeballs. People want to get into the car to experience more on the cars. GAC Group rocks the Show! After experiencing the fine cars we made, Show Management of Dubai Auto Show invites GAC Group to attend their Show. Of course, we have received tons of invitations from local American suppliers and relative auto companies for cooperation.

From the very first day of the Show, GAC Group keeps on catching the attention from Show Management, the media and now the public. The philosophy of “Green-tech, Pleasant Life” is widely accepted by the Americans. We believe that Trumpchi, the independent brand of GAC Group will be country-wide known by participating in 2013 North American International Auto Show.